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Send2Press Media Lists: Where We Send News

March 2014 News
We're still working on our 2014 site revamp, moving to a fully responsive and PageSpeed optimized platform. During the remodeling please bear with us a bit longer, as some things are a bit messy at this point as we continue to suffer the dregs of the 2009 website. :-)
What's New: As of March 1, we have retired our “Extended” level plans in favor of NEW “Premium” plans. New plans include promoted social media marketing campaign ($99 value) with click-tracking.
Thank you for your interest in Neotrope's Send2Press® Newswire press release services. Since 1983 Neotrope® has provided affordable targeted news dissemination Direct-to-Editors™, professional press release writing, and agency of record services to small and medium businesses. We also pioneered the concept of search optimization of press release content back in 1997. All of our staff are accredited public relations (PR) professionals and/or working journalists, and we are proud to be a 100% U.S.-based company. was lunched in 2000 as a "spin-off" of our corporate PR business, and is a service of Neotrope.

Unlike many of our competitors, who simply resell the services of another wire service (like PRN), Neotrope has managed its own media lists for nearly 30 years, and this forms the foundation of our Direct-to-Editors™ media distribution services. This is why we have two levels of distribution services: our "Standard Plans," which use our own media lists exclusively, AND our "Extended Plans" which add further news dissemination in addition to what we do. This provides a truly unique delivery mechanism for reaching the media with your news, with a plan level for every budget.

On This Page
On this page you will find links to PDFs (Adobe Acrobat 7x or higher required) that list "examples" of the media outlets we send news to for our clients. This includes print publications like daily/weekly newspapers and magazines; as well as broadcast media including TV and news/talk radio stations. The PDFs below are merely examples and not complete or exhaustive listings of every media outlet or venue in our databases.

Magazines (also called periodicals) are typically segregated by what are called "industry categories" such as travel, medical, books, or computing. Some publications like Esquire may fall into multiple categories, such as travel, fashion, and men's interest, but in our lists (found below, this page) we will generally leave them in one master category to keep the lists from becoming overlarge. Magazines are typically considered "national" because anyone can subscribe to them, and they are delivered to subscribers nationally (and, of course with the shift to electronic publishing, anybody can read most modern magazines anywhere online).

"Daily news" generally refers to newspapers and broadcast, and are most often segregated by City and State, for the location that media outlet serves (such as Los Angeles, Calif., or Miami, Florida). Traditionally (in the past) daily media served a specific locale, meaning the Long Beach Press Telegram was not typically read by anyone outside the immediate city and extended local residential areas. However, this too is changing with the shift to electronic publishing, and surviving newspapers are gaining a growing national audience through the Internet and through electronic re-syndication (or "aggregation") of news content.
IMPORTANT NOTE: we do not publish, manage subscriptions for, or handle any editorial duties for the media outlets found in the lists below. If you have found this page in a search engine, we cannot assist you with any issues related to subscription renewal, delivery, or other information about any publication in our lists. List information is provided for our customer use only.

2013 Media Lists:

NOTE: during Summer 2013 we are finally migrating our site to an all-new HTML5/Boostrap design. This was started last year but intially was only going to be responsive/adaptive, but we then changed course to go with HTML5/Bootstrap as a standard. This is ongoing in mid 2013, and once you see the blue on white menus at top and no more "gold tabs" you will be on the all new website. "Pardon the mess." We are obviously not updating the "old" site at this point, and so many things are either now out of date or somewhat crumbling from neglect. For help, please call us directly. :-)

  Example of Online Placement with All Distribution Plans:
This is only a small sampling of the sites each story will run on automatically. Note that for most sites a “cloned” copy of the release is NOT considered a “pick-up” and should not be confused as such. Most social media is done by hand for custom tags and commenting.
   News Portals    Send2Press® Newswire    Social Media    Networks    News Archives    News Syndicators
  NOTE: all links above subject to change.
  (*) = Exclusive placement in Neotrope® News Network.
  (**) = Exclusive "article version" of story with Google Author byline for enhanced content marketing.


(ARCHIVAL) 2012 "Example" Media Lists

Please "pardon the mess while we're remodeling Spring/Summar 2013!"

(600kb file, 93 pages; allow allow 10-15 seconds for file to open!)

(450kb file, 82 pages; allow 10-15 seconds for file to open!)

(213kb file, 17 pages; allow allow 10-15 seconds for file to open!)

(ARCHIVAL) Send2Press Media Lists for 2011

Where We Send News:
Our media databases comprise over 160,000 media outlets, with more than 350,000 unique media contacts, and over 1 million beat contacts. The following "example" PDFs only provide some examples of where we send news. These lists are neither exhaustive nor complete, and are only provided to show examples of the types of media your news would be sent to.

How to View Example Media Lists:
• Simply click the link to any media list by topic, below, to view that list.
• Current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader required (out of date versions generate error).
• NOTE: Files are encrypted to prevent editing/changes, and you may not extract pages or make derivative files from these documents as they are copyrighted and proprietary information.
• For clients doing reporting, you may easily copy-paste data from these files to a word processor or email, or other text program for reporting or research.

Send2Press Direct-to-Editors™ Combined U.S. Daily Media Lists 2011
(These first two lists combine print and broadcast daily media into one file for ease of use, and show the daily media we target when ordering either of our "National" level distribution plans.)
Example Daily News "National Plans" Daily News "National LITE Plans"
The following media lists are "examples" of where we send news with any of our distribution plans and are broken down by daily media (newspapers, TV/radio), and trade/consumer national magazines (which are organized by industry/interest). These lists are neither exhaustive nor complete, and do not fully represent everywhere that news is sent/delivered using our service.
U.S. Daily Newspapers — "Standard Level Plans"
Example Daily Newspapers "by STATE" Example Daily Newspapers "by NAME"
U.S. Broadcast Stations — "Standard Level Plans"
Example TV Stations "by STATE" Example News/Talk Radio "by STATE"
U.S. Trade & Consumer Magazines — "Standard Level Plans" 2011
Example Magazines "by INDUSTRY" Example Magazines "by NAME"
Web Sites, Social Networks & Aggregators — "Standard Level Plans"
Selected Examples of Online/Social Media
NOTE: this "example" list does not show the online media we send to when ordering any of our distribution plans in regard to industry news sites which are related to traditional media. Specifically, to reach the online versions of any national industry magazines, you would choose our "Industry Focus" dissemination plan, and NOT the "Online Only" plans.
U.S. Publications ("Comp Trades")
— "Extended Level Plans" Only
Magazines by Industry (160 pages) • [PASSWORD = "2010"]

IMPORTANT NOTE about the above lists: please be aware these lists are simply "examples" taken from our database as of January 15, 2010, and are not be current or fully accurate as of today's date. These lists should be considered examples only and not definitive nor complete. Send2Press cannot guarantee all outlets on these lists will actually receive or review news submitted to them.

Send2Press Example Categories for National Magazines

News Targeting by Industry:
Note: these are not links to media listings, simply an example of how we segregate news publications by industry categories. When we issue a client news announcement, we automatically choose "all applicable" categories for media targeting (by targeting, we mean that we do not send news to inappropriate media editors — we do not send foodservice news to car magazines, or vice versa).
Advertising & Marketing
Aerospace & Aviation
African American Interest
Airlines & Air Travel
Auto Clubs & Associations
Auto Sports/Racing
Banking & Finance
Beauty & Cosmetics
Beverages & Brewing
Bicycles & Motorcycles
Books & Libraries
Building & Facilities
Business (CEO/CIO/etc.)
Cattle & Ranching
Cement & Stone
Ceramics & Glass
Chemical Industry
Children & Teens
Clothing & Fashions
Computers, IT, & Internet
Construction & Engineering
Defense Industry
Electric / Electronic
Environment & Ecology
Family & Parenting
  Government Fed/State
Feed & Grain
Film, Live Theater
Fire, Police, Rescue
Fish Industry
Fishing & Hunting
Food, Wineg
Florists & Nursery
Fraternal Clubs
Fruits & Vegetables
Furniture & Interiors
Gay & Lesbian Interest
General Editorial
Grocery & Supermarkets
Home & Garden
Hospitals & Nursing
Hospitality & Restaurants
Latino/Hispanic Interest
Law & Legal
Lumber & Forestry
Marine & Ship Building
Meat Trade
Medical & Surgical
Men's Interest
Metals & Machinery
  Music & Recording
Office Equipment
Oil, Gas, Petroleum
Paint & Decorating
Paper & Packaging
Performing Arts
Pets & Veterinary
Pharma & Drugs
Photography & A/V
Plumbing & Heating
Power & Power Plants
Printing & Publishing
Real Estate
Retail & Franchise
RV and Mobile Homes
Safety & Security
Schools & Education
Science & Research
Senior Citizen Interest
Travel & Tourism
Trucks & Buses
TV, Video & Radio
Water & Waste Mgmt.
Women's Interest

NOTE: we do not accept news related to
adult (XXX) industry,
or smoking/tobacco.

Quick Answers to the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions
 FAQ:  How does your pricing work?
As with all legitimate and professional newswire service providers, Send2Press® distribution plan pricing is based on "each news announcement" — meaning, that each time you issue a press release, you pay the plan fee, based on the plan you've chosen. We are NOT a simple online news posting site, but a true newswire service sending your news directly to media using our exclusive Direct-to-Editors™ media databases. As a professional PR services company since 1983, we invest over an hour of hand-work per client project!
  Click here to learn more about how pricing works
 FAQ:  How do I set-up an account to order services?
Simply go to our secure online Order Center (note the gold "tab" at top of each page), and follow the instructions. All services are pre-paid, and must be ordered online. No annual membership fee! We are a PCI DSS certified secure merchant, in business more than 25 years, and a member of the BBB since 1997. After you "checkout" in our Order Center using any major credit card (or, optionally using PayPal), you simply upload your word processor file and photo or logo on our simple News Information Form.
  Click here to learn more in our Order Center
 FAQ:  Where do you send news?
We maintain our own databases and send news Direct-to-Editors™ at media outlets which are targeted based on your actual news content. Most news is sent by e-mail, with additional delivery via syndication, RSS, clipping services, social networks, and news aggregators. With our "Standard" level plans we use our own lists, and with our "Extended" plans we add distribution via PRNewswire® in addition to what we do!
  Click here to learn more our media lists
 FAQ:  Will you write or revise my press release for me?
You can hire us to write your release from scratch for $199, and you get to work with a fully accredited public relations professional, or you can have us touch-up a release you've written (from $89; revision available only at same time as a distribution). With all plans we will do basic fixes to your release to meet A.P. style, and to fix common typos, at no extra cost (you are ultimately responsible for providing an accurate release).
  Click here to learn more about writing services
 FAQ:  Can I include a photo or logo?
You may include one free Web resolution company/product logo, or a photograph (such as of a product, CEO headshot, etc.), with every distribution plan. We don't allow banners, fliers, or similar. Our photos show up on a wide variety of sites, including Google News, DIGG, Wikio, Newsblaze, Zimbio, DocStoc, Scribd, eNewsChannels, and many more (additional images $10/each). Optionally, you can include a media-friendly, print-ready 300dpi image for only $15.
  Click here to learn more about photo options
 FAQ:  Do you offer any reporting?
All plans include a Clear Time confirmation and quick-links report once the release has been issued (crossed the wire). A Send2Press® SiteWatch™ report follows the next day which includes from 50-300 links to sites running your news story, that we track (varies by plan level, as the "EXTENDED" plan will have many more sites tracked). We *do* provide PDFs showing newspapers, magazines, and broadcast outlets your news is sent to — please see "where do you send news" above.
  Click here to learn more about reports and tracking
 FAQ:  Are there any word length limits?
Our "Standard" (formerly Silver) plans, have a base word length limit of 800 words. Our "Extended" (formerly Blue) level plans, have a base word length limit of 400 words (headline, dateline and media contact info count in length). Longer releases have an upcharge (for Extended plans, cost is $75 for ea. 100 words or fraction over 400 — see the full Help/FAQs page for how to calculate length).
  Click here for info no how to calculate word lengths
 FAQ:  How fast can my news go out - what is the deadline?
We can normally get any project out within about two hours (sometimes longer on Mondays, or last couple days of the month) of when it's submitted during our normal business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST/PDT Mon.-Fri (California time). For projects to be scheduled for "early next morning" (such as 7 a.m. EST/EDT), we need to have the project in prior to the previous day close of business. We obviously cannot set-up projects to push to media prior to when we're open the next day, if you submit after we close the prior working day.
 Click here to learn more about daily cutoff and deadlines
 FAQ:  What are the format and minimum requirements?
We generally follow Associated Press (A.P.) style, and so each release must have headline, dateline, body of release, and contact info so that media can follow up. We prefer MS Word file for release (or .rtf), and images can be any format; we cannot use PDFs, MS Works, or Apple Pages files. All releases must have proper "attribution" in headline or first paragraph (company or person name of WHO is announcing the news). See the following link for step-by-step examples and some issues to be aware of related to content and Google News. Sub-heads (secondary headlines or "decks" are not supported on most Web sites.
  Click here to see requirements and examples
 FAQ:  What successes have clients had with your services?
We have a highly detailed customer testimonials and successes repository you may review using the link below. Keep in mind we have been sending news to the media on behalf of our clients for more than 25 years*, and the Send2Press service has been online since 2000*, and so we have a wealth of archival information on client successes (placement in the media), and many testimonials you may review. (*Send2Press was spun off of our corporate PR services in 1997 as Mindset Netwire, before finally becoming the Send2Press® service brand in 2000. Send2Press is a service of Neotrope, established in 1983.)
  Click here to see client media placements

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