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Neotrope / Send2Press Services:
Internet Marketing Solutions

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Since 1983 Neotrope® has delivered proven, effective, and consistent business marketing services and technology solutions. Since 1995, Neotrope has provided start-up and corporate clients with proven solutions to increase brand visibility online. Our portfolio of projects has included e-commerce solutions for Oprah Winfrey's "Begin with Love" video series, the first online store for the No Fear clothing company, and Neotrope president Christopher Simmons was on the launch team for the world's second (after GoTo) pay-per-click search engine, Findwhat.com.

Send2Press® was launched as a spin-off of Neotrope's corporate public relations (PR) and private news distribution service business in 1996, and was formerly known as Mindset Media, and then Mindset Netwire, before becoming Send2Press in 1999. From 1999 until the end of 2002, Neotrope's Internet marketing services could be ordered alongside Send2Press solutions, but we "unhooked" the Internet marketing services in late 2002 after the "dot com crash" to simplify the press release solution offerings. Now, in late 2007, we have brought these services back to the Send2Press family by popular demand!

Questions? Important: for questions about our Internet marketing solutions, which are separate from the Send2Press PR services, please send a query to: support@send2press.com, and reference our SEO solutions. Do not use the "Live Chat" module. You must include a link to your website for us to respond to your query regarding these services.

OVERVIEW: Two Kinds of Internet Marketing
We offer two kinds of Internet marketing solutions, both powered by Neotrope's proven ContextEngine® technologies:

  • Press Release Distribution Optimized for Search:
    This basic service is included with all Send2Press® news distribution plans. The "level" of inclusion in the system will vary based on plan level (higher cost distribution plans have higher optimization levels in our ContextEngine® system).

    This service has nothing to do with your site, but is intended to enable the news release distributed by Send2Press to permanently rank highly across multiple sites in major search systems like Google.

    Neotrope was the first documented company in the world to optimize news content for search engines like AltaVista and Infoseek starting in late 1996. Send2Press has been featured on the front page of About.com and in Entrepreneur magazine regarding our world-class news content optimization for search engines.

  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing for Web Sites (SEO / SEM):
    This service is unrelated to press releases and is intended to increase web site visiblity.

    Neotrope began building corporate web portals and e-commerce solutions in March of 1995. During 1996 we developed a suite of applications to help sites rank higher and be properly submitted to search engines and friendly link/directory systems. Our ContextEngine® solution suite provides both search submission and deep-linking to enable higher ranking of site content.

    DotComMojo™ — professional web site submission service. This service ensures web sites are properly submitted to search portals, new engines, and "friendly" directories and link-sites. This typically includes nearly 1,000 search portals, and over 50,000 other online systems. This is an annual subscription service with the basic plan costing $149 per site, per year.
    Purpose: This service helps your site be listed in search engines you might not know about, helps ping search portals and directories without their own 'bots, and avoids the millions of "bad" link sites. This does not impact your rankings directly as it's up to any individual search portal to choose whether to index your site, how it's indexed, and where; however it will submit your site to search portals each month (it will not resubmit to those which don't allow update pings) for one year and a large number of engines submitted to will list your website. This service is most useful for brand new, just launched, sites.

  • ContextEngine® — superior deep-linking service. Previously known as DotSorcerer™, our contextual "deep-linking" solution helps individual pages on sites rank higher "in context" to the term or keyphrase most used on that page. This system is organic, and is friendly with any other system or methodology used. This is a subscription service, either bi-annual, or annual, starting at $1199 per site for six months, or $1999 for 12 months, prepaid. NEW! As of Summer 2008, we've added a new "starter" plan, at $799 (3 months, 5 phrases).
    Purpose: The most valuable links to your site are both contextual and referential, meaning "deep-links" to a specific organic page on your site, from similar content, using search terms found on the page being linked to. Our system, developed starting in 1996 (documented, not hyperbole), helps your site be found by search bots that follow links to your page. So, if your site has a page about "Blue bunnies," by linking to your site through our network of portals using that phrase, search systems follow our "credible" and "authoritative" links to your page(s), and that makes the search engine consider your page "authoritative" on that subject, hence it will rank higher. This service is compatible with any other programs or services being used.

    Does our "deep-linking" service work? Simply: yes. Our contextual linking helps your pages if you have them optimized for the phrase(s) we link to them with. One client during 2008 incresed their inbound links from about 1,000 pages to over 7,000 using our system, and this client has a full-time e-marketing team. They renew their program each year because of this. Another client has been using the system for all of his own sites in the competitive New York network and IT service space, and for many of his client sites, for five years — because he saves up to $1,000 per month, per site, on keyword buys in search engines. Another client, a 40 year old direct marketing firm increased their desired keyword rankings from pages 5-10 in Google to pages 1-3 in Google in the first 30 days under difficult direct marketing related phrases. Of course, your results will vary, but when done correctly (meaning, if your pages match what we're linking to them with), our system has been a proven solution for keeping site content on top of search results since 1996 (and we have sites in the wayback machine to prove it). In fact, this is how we keep our own sites at the top of search engines.

    ContextXpert™ — SEO consulting service. This service offering provides a 10-point analysis of any site and provides feedback on areas to be revised or improved for optimimum compatibility with search systems. This service starts at $699 per site.
    Purpose: For clients ordering our deep-linking solution, this service provides a preparatory evaluation of the top ten things that need to be fixed, adjusted or optimized to make the site most compatible with the top ten search portals. No hands-on work is included with this offering, only consulting on what needs to be optimized. This service is only available to clients ordering our deep-linking service.

    Does our SEO consulting work? While we have a decade worth of success stories on our other sites for these offerings (see DotComMojo.com, or Neotrope.com), we do have a recent success from 2008 worth sharing. One client who was having trouble getting search engines to list most of her site pages hired us to review her site. We discovered her web developer had improperly built certain pages with invisible links, some had "accidental" double body tags, and others had invalid cross links, missing META description tags, and other bugs. With our ten-point checkup, we told her what needed to be changed, made suggestions regarding page naming of her e-commerce pages, and built an XML sitemap for Google, Yahoo! and MSN — and her rankings improved dramatically, with over 100 pages (40% of her site) finally visible in Google after having been blocked for 3+ years! (Testimonial on file.)

Save 10% on our annual ContextEngine® "deep-linking" program when you pay with a wire transfer ($200 discount). Inquire for more information. This offer can be used by new clients, and/or existing clients on program renewals.

FAQ: What is ContextEngine® ?
Neotrope, the parent company of Send2Press, began building Web portals and e-commerce solutions for major corporate clients starting in March of 1995. As part of the brand development process for these clients, we developed a proprietary suite of solutions for site optimization, search engine submission, and "contextual linking" between content elements which debuted in Fall of 1996. This technology was originally called DotComMojo™ and later expanded to include DotSorcerer™ deep-linking, and eventually these technologies became known as our patent-worthy(*see note) suite known as ContextEngine®. Over the past decade this solution suite has evolved alongside the search portals and their various ranking algorithms to maintain organic relationships that work to enhance ranking and visibility.

*NOTE: What Does "Patent-Worthy" Mean?
Many companies mis-use the term "patent pending" to make their specific solution sound more impressive. Technically a solution cannot be labeled patent pending unless a patent application has been filed. In 1997, we consulting three separate patent attorneys who all advised us that our ContextEngine® technology was "patent worthy," but that we might not want to file a patent since the methodologies used could be re-purposed by others and it would be nearly impossible to trace such mis-use. Hence the reason no patent was filed and why we refer to our technology as "patent worthy."


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